Representative Books

In Pursuit: The Quest to Catch the Beltway Snipers

by David Reichenbaugh (Fore Edge/UPNE)

Seven Music Forests

by Jeffrey Greene(University of Virginia Press)

Café Neadertal: Excavating Our Past in One of Europe's Most Ancient Places

by Beebe Bahrami (Counterpoint)

Café Oc: A Nomad's Tales of Magic, Mystery, and Finding Home in the Dordogne of Southwestern France

by Beebe Bahrami (Shanti Arts)

In Pursuit of Wild Edibles: A Forager's Tour

by Jeffrey Greene(University of Virginia Press)

Like the First Morning: The Morning Offering as a Daily Renewal

by Michael Ortiz (Ave Maria Press)

Misdirected (a novel)

by Ali Berman (Triangle/Square 7 Stories)

Choosing a Good Life

by Ali Berman (Hazelden Publishing)

Painkillers, Herion, and the Road to Sanity

by Joani Gammill (Hazelden Publishing)

Happy Talk

by Richard Melo (Red Lemonade)

Heir to the Everlasting

by Janice Daughterty (Belle Books)

Chasing Alaska: A Portrait of the Last Frontier, Then & Now

by C.B. Bernard (Lyons Press)

A "lyrical book, with...abundant wisdom and grace..." - Kim Heacock, author of The Only Kayak and Visions of America.


The Interventionist

By Joani Gammill (Hazelden)

"The Interventionist exudes passion and purpose because that is who Joani is. This book is a heartfelt game changer and long overdue." -- Dr. Phil McGraw

"Joani's approach to intervention is so effective because she cares so deeply. This book captures both the skills and compassion that Joani brings to the intervenion." -- Doug Tieman, Caron Foundation

"The Interventionist is a story that takes the reader to hell and back, ultimately giving hope to addicts and those who love them that recovery is possible, that you can survive and trascend severe addiction and live a live of purpose and gratitude." -- Christopher Kennedy Lawford


GBB cover (new)

The Golden Bristled Boar: Reflections on Art, Cooking and the Last Ferocious Beast of the Forest

By Jeffrey Greene
(University of Virginia Press)

The Golden-Bristled Boar is an elegant book that looks at the landscape and ecology of what would seem to be our most inelegant natural neighbor -- the star of dark paintings and angry fables, as well as, by family connection, the food of colonial America. Jeffrey Greene leads you deep in the forests of Burgundy -- befriending hunters and biologists, and, along the way, bedazzling with stories of wild boar invasions throughout the swine-filled world.  -- (Robert Sullivan, author of Rats: Observations on the History and Habitat of the City's Most Unwanted Inhabitants )

Novelist Lawrence Norfolk reviews The Golden-Bristled Boar in The Wall Street Journal


Flotsam cover


By John Stewart
(Paul Dry Books)

"John Stewart is a rare combination: an artist, an adventurer, a survivor of a prison camp, a great photographer and a rambunctious, rollicking prose writer. He's had marvelous, unlikely experiences everywhere from the fashion salons of New York to the wildest mountains of Asia. The soul presented in this book is like none you’ve ever met."—C. K. Williams


Poser Cover Small Image


By Sue Wyshynski
(Walker Books)

"Tallulah isn’t always graceful or even gracious, but her dedication to surfing and resolve in standing up to her bullies make her a believable heroine. She sometimes wipes out in the boy and friendship departments, but she also gets back up and tries to set things right. The beauty and danger of surfing are captured through Tallulah’s mile-a-minute, often funny descriptions."--Kirkus Reviews


Little Known

The Little Known

By Janice Daugharty
(Bell Bridge Books)

"Janice Daugharty is a born storyteller." --Joyce Carol Oates


Womenopause  cover


By Dr. Lovera Miller and Dr. David Miller
(O Books, London)


"...a fabulous book. Womenopause is a very well-rounded, comprehensive compendium on the female transition commonly termed menopause."

--Sharon J. Parish, M.D.


Playing Time: What Kids Really Think About Kids' Sports

By Quinn Cotter
(Apprentice House)

"Playing Time captures the very essence of youth sports." -- Bob Bowlsby, AD Stanford University


Serpent Box

by Vincent Louis Carrella

“ amazing first novel, one that brings to mind Flannery O’Connor’s Wise Blood and Harry Crews’s The Gospel Singer. Carrella’s prose has the clarity and richness of poetry, and he crafts his story with the surehandedness of a veteran novelist.” -- Ron Rash


Swan Town: The Secret Journal of Susanna Shakespeare

by Michael J. Ortiz
(HarperCollins Childrens)

“Ortiz captures the look and feel and smell of the far-off world that was late 16th-century England...[and] gives Susanna a near-Bard-like way with words.” – Washington Post Book World


Little Star PS

Little Star of Bela Lua

by Luana Monteiro
(Delphinium Books)

“...sparkling book; beautifully written and wonderfully drawn, this Little Star is a wonder.” -- People Magazine

“lyrical debut...vibrant pages” – Publishers Weekly


The Good Man

by Edward Jae-Suk Lee
(Bridge Works Publishing)

“A lyrically evocative, haunting first novel....A gracefully rendered, beautifully characterized tale about an unusual life." – Kirkus Reviews (starred review)


Jokerman 8

by Richard Melo
(Soft Skull Press)

“Like the Dylan songbook its title invokes, Jokerman 8 is freewheeling and deeply felt, moving and cymbal-crashing funny. It is also that rarity: an angry, politically-minded work of exuberant high spirits. A great first novel." --Andrew Lewis Conn, author of P the Novel

Ginny Good

by Gerard Jones
(Monkfish Book Publishing Co.)

“Suppose I were to say: brilliant, wonderful, moving. The trouble is, you've heard it all before. And the last time you read a book with that sort of endorsement on the cover, you weren't too impressed. So, let's skip the shorthand compliments. I will just say that this is a remarkable book. I enjoyed reading it, and I recommend it unreservedly..." – Grumpy Old Bookman blog